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Videos | Simple Search, Find In List, And Advanced Search

Miva Merchant gives you powerful search functionality to help you find what you're looking for. This video explores the differences between the three search modes found under the Search Settings button in the Catalog screen.
ver.9.3 and later

Video Transcript

Here we are in the catalog looking at the batch list for the products in my test store. In this video I want to have a look at the different search functionality found in the batch list page. We’re talking about the search settings button, which is found here. Clicking on a search settings button brings up a menu of three different search modes; Simple Search, Find in List and Advanced Search. The Simple Search mode is what you're probably used to if you've ever searched for a product in this products batch list because it's on by default. The simple search mode includes a search bar and a search button. So, if I do a search for the word “red” and hit return or click on this button, it will filter down the records listed in my batch list and return only the records that have the word red either in its code and its name or in its description. Let's switch to find in list mode to see how it behaves differently. Let's click on Search Settings and then select “Find in List.” Notice that the search bar change slightly. Instead of having a search button, there's now a left arrow and a right arrow. Now let’s search for the word “red” in this mode. I’m going to type red in the search bar and hit return. If you caught that there was a quick modal that popped up letting me know that we’re highlighting search result 1 out of 3. The left arrow is called “Find Previous Match” and the right arrow is called “Find Next Match.” If I click find next and match I'm going to jump down to highlight the second result in the batch list. The Find in List mode differs from the Simple Search mode in that it doesn't pair down your batch list. Instead it finds your search results in relation to where they are within the list you’re viewing. Note that I can cycle through my Search results by clicking on “Find Next” or “Find Previous.” Also if I'm focused inside of the search bar I can cycle by pressing my return key or if I hold my shift button and press return I can cycle in reverse.

Lastly, let's have a look at the Advanced Search mode. Let’s click back into Search Settings and select Advanced Search. Advanced Search brings up a modal window that gives you precise control over what you want to search for in your store. As an example, let's say that we want to have a look at all of my products that are $50 or less. I can click on this price group field and select less than or equal to $50 and I can further refine my search results and say that I only want to look at products that are in my shirt category. I just clicked the search button and the batch list updates to show me only shirts that are $50 or less. Let's say I need this list for easy reference, I can click on a record, press Command A or Control A if you're on a PC and I can export the search results into a comma separated flat file which I can easily view in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Numbers. And that's an overview of the different search settings inside of Miva Merchant.

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