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Videos | Specific Sale Price

In this video we walk through the steps for setting up a sale for a particular product using a type of Price Group called Specific Sale Price.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

In this video we’re going to be setting up a sale for a particular product in my test store. Specifically, we're going to be putting this white mug on sale for $15 from its original price of $20. We're going to do this by using a price group called “Specific Sale Price. To configure this, we’ll want to go into the Marketing area of the Miva Merchant Admin and will add a new Price Group by clicking on this “+” sign button here. Let's give the price group a name and change the price group type to “Specific Sale Price.” Down here we have all of the standard price group options where we can do things like restrict when a customer sees this price group discount based on how much their baskets subtotal is or how many products they have in their basket. You can even configure this price group to activate within a given date range by using this “Not Valid Before and After” options here. I don't want to set up any restrictions for this price group so I'm not going to touch any settings in this section and I'm going to make sure that eligibility is set to “All Shoppers” and then I'll want to click on this “Save” button to save these settings. After you've created this new price group we’ll want to assign our target product to this price group by clicking on the price group and then clicking on this “Discounted Products” button here. We want to select a white mug product in this list and finally we’ll need to configure how much this products sale price should be. To do that let's go into the “Edit Products” screen for this product. There's a shortcut to get there from here. Now that we’re in the Edit Product screen for this white mug, let’s scroll down until we see a section called “Sale Pricing.” Here we get see the name of the price group we created. Just type in the desired sales price and save your work. Back at the product screen we see the white mug with its original $20 price tag. If we refresh the screen it will update with its new sales price we configured.

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