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Upsale is a great way of drawing a customer’s attention to additional items in your store that are complimentary to a product that the shopper already has in their basket.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

Upsale is a great way of drawing a customer's attention to additional items in your store that are complementary to a products that the shopper already has in their basket. The Upsale occurs during checkout and can be configured to offer these additional items either at standard pricing, or a special reduced pricing. To setup Upsale in your store, log into your Miva Merchant Admin and click into Marketing and then the Upsale tab.

For this example, I'm going to create an Upsale that presents some guitar strings to customers in the event that they check out with a guitar in their basket. To do that I'll click on this “+” button here and then go “Look Up” button. I can do a search for “Guitar Strings” and select it and then click on “OK.” I can choose to configure additional prerequisites for this Upsale. For instance, if I only wanted to offer this Upsale if the customer’s basket is valued at more than $100, I just bubble in this option here and type in “100.” I can also configure how much I want to offer this Upsale for. Either at the products normal pricing, or I can set a specific over right amount by using “Absolute Price,” or I can offer this product at a Percentage of the products price. If I wanted to offer the guitar strings at 20% off for instance, I would bubble in this option here and type in the number “80” in this field. When I'm done with the screen, I'll just click on this “+Add” button to save my work. Now that I've added an Upsale product, I can click into the required products tab for this Upsale. Here I can choose which products would trigger this upsell offer. I'll just do a search for “guitar” and I'll assign this “Electric Guitar” and this “Xtone guitar” to this guitar strings. Now, when a customer adds this electric guitar to their basket and clicks “Checkout,” they'll be offered these guitar strings with a 20% discount. The store lets them know that this offer is only good for this particular purchase. The customer can choose to take the offer or decline it, at which point they’ll return to the remainder of the normal checkout process to complete their order. And that's how you set up upselling in Miva Merchant.

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