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Videos | Working With Navigation Sets

Navigation Sets in Miva Merchant empowers you to build customized navigational menus in your online store. This video explains what they are and how to manage them in you store.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

Navigation sets in Miva Merchant empowers you to build customized navigational menus in your online store. They're commonly used to create main menus, such as this, secondary menus and footer menus. Even the primary navigation menu that you see on the mobile version of your store is managed via a navigation set. There are a number of navigation sets that come pre-configured in your Miva Merchant store. How many you have depends on the specific ReadyTheme installed in your store. You can think of these as placeholder menus. Clicking on this link for instance will take me to an aviator glasses category, but since it's unlikely that you will have an aviator glasses category in your store, you will need to edit the contents of this navigation set.

Here we are in the Navigation set tab inside of the ReadyThemes area of the Miva Merchant Admin. Here we see a navigation set called Top Navigation Bar. If we click into it, we can quickly see that its primary links are named Men, Women, Who We Are and Contacts. A quick check on a store page shows us we found the navigation set we want to work with. We'll just select all of the links in this navigation set and delete them.

To add a new link in this navigation set, click on this “Add Navigation” button. We can give it a name and we can tell the store if we want to link it to a product, a category or specific page in your store. We’ll make this link a category link and link it to a category by clicking on this “Look Up” button. Here we can see a list of all the categories in my store. We’ll select clothing and click on the “Add +” to add another navigation item to this navigation set. We’ll do it again for drinkware. This time I'll do a search for drinkware in the search bar. Lastly I’m going to create a link called “All About Us.” This time I'm going to link it to a page and the page I want is the About Us page we’ll select that and click “OK” and then click “Add.” When we go back to the store and hit “Refresh” the top navigation menu will update to reflect the changes we've made.

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