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Order Custom Fields - Sorting & Searching

In Miva 9.0007, not only can you add Custom Fields for Orders, Customers, Categories and Products, but you can now also Sort and include them in your regular and advanced searches. This really increases your ability to find exactly the information your look for in a very short period of time making your work more productive and efficient!

Add Order Custom Field

First, we need to add a Custom Field. To do this click on Menu, scroll down to Utilities, and then make sure you're on your Custom Fields Tab.

Custom Fields

Next we want to add a Custom Field. To do this click on the Plus icon over to the top right.

Custom Fields

Now select what kind of Custom Field you want to add. There are four choices as displayed in the example below:

Custom Fields

For this example we are doing a Product Custom Field for Brands. So in the Code and Name we are going to type Brand. Under Field Type we want a Text Field, but you have other options as well:

Custom Fields

These are the basic things that need to be filled out. For our example, we're going to go ahead and click the Add button now.

Assign Custom Field to your Batch List

Now that we've created our Custom Field , let's go to our Catalog and our Products Tab to see how to access our new Custom Field, Brand. Click on Menu, then scroll down to Catalog and then make sure you're on the Products Tab.

First click on the Show/Hide Columns icon (the three vertical bars |||) over to the right. Then scroll down and find Brand and click on it. Once you click on it the Brand column will now show up in your Batch List.

Custom Fields

Sort using Custom Fields

By clicking on the word Brand you can now sort your Brands alphabetically.

Common Search using Custom Fields

You can now use the search field to look for a particular product in your new Custom Field. *Note: You must have the Custom Field displayed by turning it on under the Show/Hide Columns, other wise the search will not work.

Common Search

Advanced Search using Custom Fields

To do an Advanced Search in your Custom Field click the Search Settings icon up near the top right, scroll down to Advanced Search Settings (see example below), and click on it. A new search window will pop up.

Common Search

Once the window pops up you might need to scroll down to the bottom to find your new Custom Field. You'll have many choices to search by. Choose the type of search you want to perform and then click the Search button.

Common Search

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