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How To Guides

How To Guides


1. How To Install

2. Payment Settings

3. Checkout Process

4. View Orders

5. Using PayPal & Braintree

6. Partial Refunds

7. Capturing Outside of Miva

8. Collecting Device Data

9. Braintree JSv3 User Interface

10. 3D Secure

How To Install

Click on “Menu,” scroll down to “Payment Settings” and click on the “Add/Remove Modules” tab. Find the “Braintree” module and click the “Install” button.

Payment Settings

Module Settings:

You’ll now see a “Braintree” tab, click on it.

Server Name - This is the api endpoint for the Braintree API. Production: api.braintreegateway.com, Sandbox: api.sandbox.braintreegateway.com

Merchant ID - This is your Merchant ID for Braintree. It can be found in your Braintree Account, under Settings (Gear icon) -> API

Merchant Account ID - This is an optional field. Braintree has the ability to create multiple Merchant Account IDs under the main Merchant ID. Each Merchant Account ID can be mapped to its own currency within Braintree. This will be the settlement currency used on the account. Note: While Braintee does support multiple Merchant Account IDs, Miva only supports a single at this time. A future update will add support for more than one Merchant Account ID.

To create a new Merchant Account ID in Braintree go to Settings -> Business -> Add New Merchant Account ID

Merchant Account ID

Public Key / Private Key - These API keys are required connect to the Braintree API. They can be found under: Settings -> API. Note: After you hit the update button, the Private Key box will appear blank, even though the key was saved. This is intended behavior.

Automatically Submit Transactions for Settlement - If you check the Automatically Submit Transactions for Settlement box Miva will do both an authorization + Capture when the order is placed. If you don’t check it, it will only do authorization on purchase. In order to settle/capture payment, you will need to edit the order in the Miva admin and click the Capture button when the order payment is ready to be captured.

Kount Fraud Data Collection - Enable or Disable Kount. See Kount Details Below

3D Secure - Enable or Disable 3D Secure for Transactions. See 3D Details Below

PayPal Currency - Sets the currency for PayPal Checkout (if using this option with Braintree)

Once you install the module, you’ll see under the “Payment Method Rules” tab the four Braintree payment options (AE, Discover, MC, Visa).

Payment Method Rules

Checkout Process:

During checkout, your customer will be prompted with this payment screen to enter their credit card number. This screen uses Braintree’s hosted iframe so the credit card data never flows through your Miva Store.

Braintree JSv3 UI

View Orders:

To view the order click on “Menu,” then “Order Processing,” click on the order and then click on the “Edit” or the pencil tool. Here you can see the payment information that was captured.

Order Info

From this screen you can Authorize another payment.


You can also refund the order from this screen.


Using PayPal Checkout & Braintree

It's possible to also accept Paypal Checkout when using Braintree. To enable this, set the PayPal Currency from the settings drop down and ensure the "PayPal" payment method is enabled as a valid payment method.

Paypal Checkout for Braintree

Paypal Checkout for Braintree

If you would also like to display the PayPal Checkout button on the basket screen you will need to setup PayPal Checkout using the PayPal Commerce Platform INtegration. Setup instructions for PayPal Express Checkout can be found here.

Partial Refunds

Multiple Partial Refunds are supported. However, if the transaction hasn’t settled only the entire amount can be voided.

Capturing Outside of Miva

If you authorize only on initial purchase, it is recommended you also capture/settle the transaction within Miva. This ensures Miva has the latest transaction information. If you instead capture/settle within Braintree, Miva will not see the updated settle information.

Collecting Device Data

Braintree has built in Fraud tools which rely on collecting device data which gets passed in the payment request. To turn it on or off, click on "Payment Settings" and then click on the "Braintree" Tab. To enable it check the box for "Kount Fraud Data Collection". Note: You must first enable Kount in Braintree before you turn it on in Miva. If you do not have it enabled in your Braintree account, the Braintree Payment fields will fail to load on checkout.

To enable Kount in Braintree, follow these steps:

Enable Advanced Fraud Tools

There are two versions of Kount Fraud Protection:

  1. Standard Account
  2. Braintree has two levels of fraud protection they support. The Standard version (Advanced Fraud Tools) is free and included in all Braintree accounts. It does not require an account with Kount. Once you enable it in Miva and in Braintree it will start collecting additional data and showing a fraud score with your orders. When your customers create a new transaction, Braintree will send the information to Kount. They'll analyze the transaction information using the predetermined rules, and – based on the results – the Braintree gateway will either accept or reject each request. You can learn more about the Standard version here.

    Kount Standard Risk Decisions:

    Kount Risk Decision Braintree action
    Approved Always sends to the processor
    Declined Always gateway rejected
    Review Always sends to the processor
    Escalate Always sends to the processor
    Not Evaluated Sends to the processor by default

  3. Custom Account
  4. For those merchants who wish to have greater control over their fraud checks, Kount offers a paid custom integration for that need.

    Kount Custom is intended for merchants processing greater than 2500 transaction per month and has these additional benefits:

    • Tailoring your rules to suit your unique business model
    • Making your rules as aggressive or lenient as you need them to be
    • Getting assistance with your rules from experts at Kount
    • Leveraging the ability to review transactions and decide what course of action to take
    • Blacklisting or whitelisting customers (e.g. by IP or email address)

    To learn more about those, please click here.

    Order Level Risk Decision


Braintree 3D Secure

Miva 9.14.00 adds support for 3D Secure via when using Braintree. If your new to 3D Secure, here are a few helpful resources:

Important: You must enable 3D Secure in your Braintree Account prior to enabling it in Miva. Failure to do so, will cause the payment fields not to show up during checkout. You need to contact Braintree to have then enable 3D Secure on your account. Also, 3D Secure only works for customer transactions on the front-end of the website. Any transaction place via the admin bypasses 3D Secure alltogether.

3D Secure Settings

3D Secure Settings

The Braintree integration supports the 3D Secure 2.0 protocol, which provides a streamlined experience for the customer. There are many transactions where the merchant bank does not need additional data from the customer and there is nothing more they need to enter. In some cases, the issuing bank will require customers to login into their bank. This prompt will be presented in a new popup window:

3D Secure Prompt

If 3D Secure is enabled, additional field will be saved with the Payment response in Miva. This fields are available via the JSON API as part of the payment record response.

3D Secure Fields

Additional Braintree resources on 3D Secure can be found at: https://articles.braintreepayments.com/guides/fraud-tools/3d-secure

Braintree JSv3 User Interface

As of Miva 9.12 (released 10/30/18) we now support the JavaScript v3 User Interface for Braintree.

Braintree JSv3 UI

Upon running updates your checkout will automatically be updated to use the new User Interface. There is nothing you need to do manually. This UI will be available both in the Miva admin as well as the checkout process for customers.

Need Additional Help?

Additional Braintree resources can be found at: https://articles.braintreepayments.com/

Looking for Developer Docs?

We have a whole section for that, including: Developer Training Series, Template Language docs, Module Development tutorials and much, much more.

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