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How To Guides

Scheduled Tasks & Imports

Miva now allows you to schedule tasks and imports automatically. This feature applies to Inventory, Shipment Data (the most common use examples), as well as Categories and Customers. To schedule an automatic import, you would click on the the Store Settings icon or click on Menu and scroll down to Store Settings.

Store Settings

Click on the Scheduled Tasks Tab.

Scheduled Tasks

Then to create a new task, click on the "+" icon.

Scheduled Tasks

An Add Scheduled Task window will pop up. For our example this is what we are filling out:

Description: Inventory Import

Operation: (choose an option from the drop down menu) Standard Scheduled Tasks: Import

Schedule: (choose how often you want this task to run) Every 1 Day

Next Run: (choose when you want it to begin)

Import: (choose an option from the drop down) Add/Update Products from CSV

File Name: For the file name field, it is always relative to the mivadata folder on your server which is a non-public folder on your server.

Just putting the file name such as inventory.csv will reference a file in the root of the mivadata folder. However, you can also create sub directories like this:


If you want the file deleted off the server after it imports the information, you can check the Delete File After Import box.

Add Scheduled Tasks

Click the Add button and that will set the task to begin at the time you have now set it for.

To go ahead and run the task immediately, simply click on the task in the batch list and click on the Run Scheduled Tasks button.

Run Scheduled Tasks

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