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How To Guides

Sorting Display Order of Tabs

One of the great new features of Miva Merchant 9.5 is the ability to sort the order of the tabs found on the tops of all the different screens inside of the Miva Merchant admin.

Any new settings will be unique to your login, so it won't affect another users display, only yours.

Reorder Main Tabs:

To access this new feature, go into your admin, go to the top right of the screen and click on "More," a drop down menu will show up that says "Edit Tab Display Order," click on it.

Reorder Main Tabs

Once you click on "Edit Tab Display Order," a second screen will show up with all the names of the tabs on your current page. You can now just click on any title and move it where you want it.


When you're done, click the "save" button and you'll see that your tabs are now being displayed in the order you created. In this example, we are moving Categories from the number two place to the number one place.


You'll see here that Categories is now displayed first.

Before Reordering:

Before Reordering

After Reordering:

Before Reordering

Reorder Tab Groups:

Tab Groups expand when clicked, or close when clicked again. They are like sub categories in a way. You can click on a main tab topic such as "Settings" in our example, and then these expandable options will show up below it.

Before Reordering

To reorder these tab groups, click on "More" at the top right of your admin, click on "Edit Tab Display Order," and then move the taps groups in what ever order you desire. Once you're done, click the "Save" button.

Reorder Tabs

You'll see that the Tab Groups have now been reordered on your Settings page according to the changes you made.

Reorder Tabs

Defaulting Back to the Standard Settings:

If you ever want to set all your tabs back to their default settings you can go to "Users," click on your user name, click on the "Edit Page" icon, then select "Preferences" and delete the 9.5 setting changes that you made.

Reorder Tabs

Once you select the settings you want to delete, a confirmation window will pop up to assure you want to move forward, just click "ok."

Reorder Tabs

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