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How To Guides

Using the Business Accounts Feature

In Miva Merchant 9.4 and later, you are able to organize multiple related customers accounts into a single business account record. You can add notes to business accounts and even assign Price Group savings to them.

The Business Accounts Feature allows you to assign customer accounts to a single business account which has a few benefits.

You can add notes to Miva Merchant on a customer account level, on an order account level as well as on a Business Account level.

Another benefit of a Business Account is that it allows you to assign specific discounts to a Business Account which means any customer account assigned to that Business Account will be able to take advantage of that specific price group savings.

1. Accessing Business Accounts Click on “Menu”and then scroll down to “Customers.”


Click on “Business Accounts” Here you can click the “+” button on the right. A text field will show up for you to enter a group name. Type what ever you wish and then hit return/enter.


Now that you have a group, you either add Notes or Customers to your Account.

If you wanted to add Notes to your Business Account, click on "Notes" and then in the new window you can click on the "+" sign.


If you want to add customers to the group. Click on “Customers.”


This will bring up a screen that will show you all your customers. To add the customers to the group, click on the "Assign" button next to the customer you wish to add. To select all of the customers you can click on "Command A" on a Mac or "Control A" if you're on a PC.

Multi Select

The second area you can add a customer to a business is in the "Customers Tab."

Customers Tab

On the far right of the screen there's a button called "Show/Hide Columns." Clicking on it shows you all of the available columns that we can assign to this page. We want to select "Business Accounts."

Business Account

Once you add the Business Account column, you can now see what customers belong to what accounts. You can add an account to a customer by clicking on the customer, then the edit tool, and then either typing in the Business Account name or clicking the search tool to browse all available Business Accounts in the store.

Add Group

If your store has a business arrangement with a particular company, where all company representatives get a discount when they make a purchase, on this store - we can easily apply that to the Business Account thus automatically giving the discount to all customers who belong to the Business Group.

Click on "Menu" and then "Marketing."


When you are in the Marketing Admin area, click on "Business Accounts."

Business Accounts

This will bring up a new screen where you can easily assign a specific discount to your group. Just click on the Business Account you want to receive the discount and now any customer assigned to that group will be able to trigger that specific price group.

Managing Information from the Business Account Screen

From the Business Account Admin area, you can now edit and manage your Accounts, Customers, Notes and Orders all in one place!

Save Business

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