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How To Guides

Residential Checkbox

Under Store Settings -> Customer Fields there is a new drop down for Residential Delivery. There are 3 choices:


This checkbox will show up during checkout. (see below)


Keep in mind that updating this setting will overwrite your OCST, ACED, ACAD, OSEL, INVC, OPAY page templates. You'll want to go into each of these pages and revert the "Custom Fields" area to the prior installation date.

To do this, go to each of the template pages, scroll down to "Custom Fields" area and revert it back one date (see image below), click "Recall" then click the "Update" button. Now manually add the code below to where you want your "Residential Address checkbox" to display.


Remember, If you forget to click the update button, your change will not take.


Below is the template code that gets added if you choose either the "Default to Residential" or "Default to Company" options:

You want to paste the code in the Customer Fields box inbetween the end of the Ship to and Bill to Code. So scroll down until you see the last line of the Ship to and paste it after the closing div of that last tag.

Customer Fields

The example image below on the left is how the OSEL page display will be changed by the update. Once you recall the earlier version - it will revert to the format on the right.


If you prefer to have the "Residential Address" show up under the "Ship to Phone Number" with the correct formatting, then you can go into the OSEL and OPAY templates under the "Customer Field" area and paste the following code under the code for the Phone number.

Code Checkout

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