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Digital Downloads

1. Store Setting

2. Product Page

3. Catalog

4. Order Processing

5. Order Fulfillment

6. Import and Export Path for Digital Downloads

7. Digital Download CDNS

8. Create a Bucket on Amazon

9. Template Changes

In Miva Merchant 9.5 you can now offer any digital download product in your online store in a few easy steps. This includes videos, music files, pdfs, jpgs, zip files, etc.

Miva now offers two easy ways to store your digital files for download. The most common method is to host your own files. Note that this will effect your disk space and bandwidth, but as along as you have sufficient of both there should not be any issues.

1. Store Setting:

First, you want to set up your default settings for all downloads. To do this, go to "Menu," "Store Settings," and then click on the "Digital Download Settings" tab. These will be the default for all Digital Downloads - however, we will show you how to edit individual downloads with unique settings later.

Digital Download

You'll see two options:

Max Downloads: The default is set to 0, but if you want to limit how many times someone can download this product from their link, this is where you would update it.

Link Expiration: If you want the link to only be clickable for a certain period of time, say 7 days, this is where you would update it.

Max Link

2. Product Page:

There is now a "Digital Downloads" tab under your "Products" tab. To make a product into a "Digital Download" simply follow these steps:


1. Open your product and click on the "..." tab and a drop down will appear. Click on the "Digital Download Settings" tab.

Digital Download Settings

2. Check the box "Generate a Digital Download Code When This Product is Purchased" under Settings.


If you forget to check this, your customer will not get a download link sent to them after their purchase.

3. Choose "Delivery Method" - it will either be local, which means the file will be served from your Miva server, or if you have a CDN setup you can select it as well. Choosing the CDN means the file will be downloaded directly from the CDN.

Delivery Method

3. If you're using Miva as your Download host, under Local File Settings, upload your product by clicking the "Upload" button.


Once you upload your file, it will automatically place the downloaded file name in the field. You can change the name in this field, but you must leave the extension of the file. Do not change the name of the file in the "Local File Path."

When you're done configuring your settings, make sure you click the "Update" button at the top right to save your settings.


The second or alternate way to host your files is to use Amazon CDNS which we currently support. We will eventually offer more options in the future as the need or requests arise.

If you're using Amazon as your Digital File Host, add the Bucket Name, File Path and Region. (If you're not sure what a bucket is or how to do this, see below.)

Note: under "Bucket Name" make sure you have the extension included for whatever file they are downloading. In this instance it's an image, and .jpg is the extension.

3. Catalog:

There is a "Digital Downloads" tab under Catalog. This provides you with a screenshot or "report" of all your digital downloads. From this screen, you can monitor all downloads. If you notice that one of your links has been downloaded excessively, you can "kill" or delete the link. This tab is helpful for keeping an eye on any fraudulent issues and just have an overall view of all download activity.

Click on "Catalog" then "Digital Downloads."


To see more specific details, click on one of the downloads, then click on "View Digital Downloads."


This screen will pop up and you can look over all the download activity, as well as edit a link from here. To edit the parameters on any of these links, simply click on the link, then click on the edit or pencil tool.


This "Edit Digital Download Link" window will appear. Here you can select how many times a link can be downloaded as well as limit how long the link remains live.


4. Order Processing:

Under "Order Processing" you can see whether or not the customers purchase has been downloaded. You can also retrigger their digital link from here if for some reason they lost the link or deleted their email before downloading it. See below.

Order Processing

To retrigger Digital Download link: Click on the link "Order Emails" and then check the box "Digital Download Created."

Digital Download Created

This will resend your customer their link via an email to download their file/product.


5. Order Fullfillment:

Under "Order Fulfillment" you can edit the Template Based Emails that go out when someone purchases a digital download. Simply click on the Digital Download item, and then click "Edit Template."

Order Fulfillment

Here you can edit the html code for the email that is sent out.

Email Template

Here's a sample of an email your customer gets when they purchase a digital download.

Email Example

6. Import and Export Path for Digital Downloads:

You can import and export the paths for your digital downloads. To do this you must first install our module.

Go to "Utilities," "Add Remove Modules," and then scroll down and look for "Product Digital Download Custom Fields." Now click the "Install" button.

Digital Download Import Export

Now to import or export your paths go to "Data Management," "Export Files to Flat File."

Data Management

A new window will appear "Export Products to Flat File." Scroll down to "Custom Fields." You'll notice that there are many Digital Download fields you can now choose from. For the ones that apply to your site, select them and then click the "Select" button which will move them over to the right and will now be available for your export/import options.

Custom Fields

7. Digital Downloads CDNS:

Content Delivery Network - this is where you are going to store your digital files that are being downloaded. Currently you can store your files in one of two places, Miva or Amazon. We will add other options as the need grows, but for now those are your choices. If you have an Amazon account, you'll need to get your Access Key and Secret Key.

  1. Login to your Amazon Developer Account and click on "Security Credentials"
  2. It will bring up this screen. If you already have an access key, this is where it will be. If you don't have one yet, skip to the next step:
  3. To create your Access and Security Key: Click the blue button that says "Create New Access Key"

Security Credentials

Security Credentials

You will receive your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. You'll need these to set up your account in the admin.

Security Credentials

Now to add a Digital Download click make sure you're on the "Store Settings" page. ,/p>

Security Credentials

Click on "Digital Download CDNs" and then click the "+" button.


A window will pop up giving you a couple options. Copy and paste the keys from your Amazon account into the proper fields.

Amazon Acct

Miva Digital Downloads

Miva Digital Downloads

You'll see your Amazon Account now appears under your Digital Download CDNS tab.

Miva Digital Downloads

8. Create Bucket on Amazon:

If you don't have a bucket set up yet in Amazon, here's how to create one:

  1. Create a Bucket Name
  2. Select a Region (preferably as close to your location as possible)
  3. Click the "Create" button.

Create Bucket

Upload your digital product to your Bucket.

Upload Bucket

Upload Bucket

Click on your image to copy the downloadable link for your product:

Bucket Link

Template Changes

If you are upgrading your store to use digital downloads, there is a template change which must be made to INVC. Please see the following link: https://support.miva.com/supportsuite/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1357/0/digital-downloads-link---invoice

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