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How To Guides

How to Create a Template Feed

1. Template Feed Types

2. Create Customized Template Feed

3. Controlling the Data in your Feed

4. How to Deliver Your Custom Feed

1. Template Feed Types

You can now customize your own feeds in the Admin. There are two different kinds that can be created:

1. Shared Sitemap Protocol

2. Template Based Feed

Template Feed

2. Create Customized Template Feed

Click on "Menu," scroll down to "Marketing" and then click on the "Feeds" tab.

Template Feed

Click on the "+" Icon

Template Feed

For this example, we are going to create a Google Shopping Feed.

Google Shop

3. Controlling the Data in your Feed

If there are fields which you need created for a specific feed, you can create Custom Fields for your products.

Go to "Menu," scroll down to "Utilities." You'll now be on the "Custom Fields" tab.

Click the "+" icon and an "Add Custom Field" window will pop up.

Choose what you want your custom fields to be. Click the "Add" button.

Custom Fields

Fill out the Custom Field under your Products that apply.

Choose "Menu," scroll down to "Catalog." You'll now be on the "Products" tab. Click on a product and click the "Open" icon.

Click on the "..." icon, scroll down to "Custom Fields."

Fill out the custom fields that you created.

Click "Update."

Custom Fields

Choose which fields you want to be included in your feed.

Click on "Marketing," click on "Feeds"

Look up your feed, "Google Shopping" and click the "edit" icon

Google Shopping

An "Edit Feed: Google Shopping" window will pop up.

Scroll down and click on "Edit Template."

Edit Template

You will come to the "TEMPLATEFEED_Google_Shopping" page where you can now select all the fields that you want to be exported into your feed. Use the "Select" and "Deselect" buttons to move the fields into the appropriate boxes. Click "Update."

Template Based Feed

Code: Google_Shopping

Name: Google Shopping

Feed Module: Template Based Feed

4. How to Deliver Your Custom Feed

There are 3 ways to deliver the feed:

  1. Write Feed to your server
  2. Have the feed emailed to you (either in an attachment or directly in the email (Inline)
  3. Create a URI that will generate the feed via a URL

For this example, we are going to chose to have the file written to our server.

Enable File Creation: Checked

File Location: Script (Public)

File Name: /google-shopping.csv

Click "Save"

Template Based Feed

You'll now see your Google Shopping Feed in your menu. Click on it, and then click on the "Process Now" button.

Template Based Feed

You'll get a confirmation pop up window letting you know the feed has processed.

Feed Confirmation

You can find your feed by typing in: https://www.domain.com/google-shopping.csv - just add your domain where it says "domain.com" - it will download a csv file that you can then open in Excel.


The csv file will have all of the fields that you set up in the beginning of this process.


Looking for Developer Docs?

We have a whole section for that, including: Developer Training Series, Template Language docs, Module Development tutorials and much, much more.

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