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Prevent P.O. Boxes in Your Shipping Settings

How to Prevent P.O. Boxes in Your Shipping Settings

There are several options you have in the Miva Admin for P.O. Boxes.

In our example we'll start with three shipping options:

Shipping Options

1. To Disallow P.O. Boxes in SELECT shipping options:

Click the "Menu" and scroll down and select "Shipping"

Shipping Options

Once in Shipping Settings, select the Shipping Method you would like to Exclude P.O. Boxes from (in our example UPS and FedEx), and then click the Pencil Edit Tool.

Look towards the bottom of the Shipping Method Rules Box and you will see "Exclusions." Click the box that says "Exclude This Method When Shipping to a P.O. Box."

Now click "Save."


Now when someone tries to checkout using a P.O. Box, only USPS shows up.

Shipping Options

2. To Disallow P.O. Boxes in ALL your Shipping Options:

Repeat the above steps for all of your shipping options. When someone checks out trying to use a P.O. Box, none of the shipping options will appear and your customer will get an error message:

Error Message

You can customize your error message to say whatever you like.

3. To Customize Error Messages that appear if your Client Types in a P.O. Box

Click on "Menu," Scroll down to "User Interface"

Error Message

Scroll down and find the shipping error message.

Error Message

If you double click on the shipping message, you can replace the current message with a customized message of your own.

Error Message

We updated ours to: We're sorry, your shipping method does not ship to P.O. Boxes. Please choose another address.

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