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How To Guides

Review Baskets

The Review Baskets Module allows you to glance over information pertaining to shoppers currently visiting your site and what products they have in their basket. Review Baskets is a module you'll need to install.

To install the Review Baskets Module, go into "Utilities" and click on the "Add Remove Modules" Tab.

Install Review Baskets

When you install the module, a "Review Baskets" Tab will appear. Click on it.

Install Review Baskets

On this page you will be able to quickly see the information on these baskets. We can see if the basket is expired, or if they are still valid. If the shopper hasn't logged into a customer account, or if they still haven't passed the customer information screen at checkout, they will appear as "Anonymous."

If a customer is logged into their account, the Type will appear as "Customer." You can see how many items are in their basket as well as their basket subtotal.

If you want to see the baskets complete details, you can select a basket from the batch list and click on the "Edit" button up top. You can delete the basket simply by clicking the "Delete this Basket" icon on this screen.

Basket Complete

You can also mass delete baskets from the batch list screen if you need to do that as well. Just select the baskets you want to remove and then click on the "Delete" Button (trash icon).

Delete Baskets

Note that it's not possible to edit the contents of the baskets from here. If you are assisting customers with adding products to their basket that would be done in the "Shop as Customer" functionality.

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