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Gift Certificate In Miva 9.0003

This tutorial will give you a step-by-step guide to creating a gift certificate Miva Merchant Version 9.0003.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Product Area

Click on Menu, scroll down to "Catalog," click on the grey arrow and then click on "Add Product."

Add Product

Step 2 - Create Gift Certificate as a Product

Click the "+" Button to add a product.

Add Product

Fill out the Product Code, Name, Price and a Description. Click the "+Add" Button.

Add Product

Step 3 - Create A Gift Certificate Image and Upload it.

Create an image for your Gift Certificate Product. Upload it to your store using the "Images" Tab.

When you upload your image, make sure to choose "Main" as your Image Type.

Upload Image

Step 4 - Set up Gift Certificate Settings under the "Gift Certificate Sales" Tab

Gift Certificate Settings



By default when a gift certificate product is purchased, a unique key will be generated and inserted as an attribute on the product. This means that the customer email, merchant email, as well as the order in the admin will show the gift certificate key. There is a separate Gift Certificate email (which is customizable). This email has its own trigger options.

Certificate Recipient

Certificate Recipient

* Gift Certificate Attribute - If you use the Shopper Entered Attribute, you can use this text box to write a gift message to the recipient. Again, once you create the attribute, you'll need to copy the code and enter it into the "Gift Description Attribute" field.

Gift Certificate Attribute

Gift Certificate Attribute

To see how the Gift Certificate Process will look on the Shoppers End

Click on Gift Certificate Product and add it to your cart.

Gift Certificate Process

When you're done checking out, your confirmation will show your Gift Certificate Code.

Gift Certificate Process

When you get your invoice at the end of checkout, you'll see your Gift Certificate coupon as well as the email address that the code was sent to.

Gift Certificate Coupon

Sample Gift Certificate Redemption Code:

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