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How To Guides

How To Guides

How to Install PayPal Credit

  1. Click on your menu and drop down to "Utilities"
  2. Scroll to the right and click the "..." tab
  3. Scroll down to "Add/Remove Modules"
  4. Scroll down looking for "PayPal Express Checkout and/or Payments Pro" click "Install"
  5. Install PayPal Credit

  1. Now that you have the module installed, click on your menu and scroll down to "Payment" and click.
  2. Scroll over and click on the "..." tab
  3. Scroll down to "PayPal Express Checkout and/or Payments Pro API Credentials"
  4. Enter your API Username
  5. Enter the API Password and then enter the Password again in the field below it to confirm.
  6. On the "API Authentication Method:" dropdown select either Signature or Certificate, which ever is appropriate for your credentials.
  7. In the "API Signature / Certificate:" paste in the code which you received.
  8. Now that Express Checkout is enabled, go to “PayPal Express Checkout”
  9. Select “Display PayPal Credit Button” and click “Update”
  10. API

Get PayPal Banner Code From PayPal

  1. Go to https://financing.paypal.com/
  2. Login with your PayPal Account
  3. For “Where do you want to place your banner ads?” Select “Website: On my Web and Mobile Site.”

    Scroll down to “where do you want to place banners ads."

  4. Select which banner you would like to use. For Example:

    Click on "Select All" and copy the code.

Add the Code to a Page

In this example we will be adding the code to the "BASK" page. But you can also add this code to these pages: Home Page (SFNT), Product List Page (PLST), Product Details Page (PROD) and Cart Page (BASK). The instructions for adding the code to these is the same as below.

  1. You can either go up to the search field and type in "BASK"

  2. BASK

  3. You can click on the menu and scroll down and click on "User Interface" which will take you to the "Pages" tab.

  4. BASK

  5. Click the "Open Page" icon.
  6. Scroll down to the "Footer" section
  7. Paste in the Code you received.

  8. PayPal Credit Banner

We have more informational documents on PayPal Express Checkout here.

Looking for Developer Docs?

We have a whole section for that, including: Developer Training Series, Template Language docs, Module Development tutorials and much, much more.

Head to the Developer Section

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