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Miva Merchant 9.0007 Beta

The public beta of 9.0007 is now available to all customers who would like to play around with it and provide feedback.

There are two ways to access the Beta:

  1. Set Up a Brand New Developer Store
  2. This is a blank install of Miva on our development servers. You can sign up for a beta store here:


    Click on Free Developer Store and complete the form. You will immediately get an email with FTP and login information to this new store, however please allow for up to 24 hours for the development store to be created.

    new image

    new image

    When you log into your store for the first time, you will need to run updates to ensure you are on the latest version of Miva:

    new image

    When installing 9.0005 you will see this warning. Click “Continue Installation” to complete the upgrade:

    new image

    Once your store is on 9.0067 you’re ready to upgrade to the beta

    new image

    How to Change to the Beta Stream

    To do this click on domain settings from the left menu and scroll down to the Upgrade Settings Tab Group at the bottom. Change the upgrade stream to “Beta” and click update to save the settings.

    new image

    Once you switch to the beta stream you should see the Updates Available button to install the Beta of 9.0007:

    new image

    It's important that you don't just click install. There are multiple installations of Miva on the beta stream and you need to pick the correct one. Click "Review and Manually Select Updates for Installation" then click continue.

    new image

    On the next screen select "uncheck all" and "collapse all" then select Miva 9.0007-beta-1 to install which should be the last option.

    new image

    Run the updates and your test store should now be on the 9.0007 beta.

    From here you can click add store and play around with the new features that are part of 9.0007.

  3. Request Access for your Dev store
  4. The second way to use the 9.0007 beta is to request your dev store be upgraded. This will allow you to have a copy of your live store located at a subdomain (dev.domain.com) get upgraded to the beta stream. This will allow you to use your real data to test against the beta.

    To request your dev store be upgraded to the beta, email bheyde@miva.com along with the store you would like to get upgraded to the beta.

    New Features Included in 9.0007

    • Facets - Search And Category Filters
    • Search Preview & Advanced Search
    • Abandoned Cart Emails
    • Price Group Exclusions and Price Group Category Level Inclusion/Exclusion
    • Rich Text Editor
    • In Admin Sorting Of batch Lists by Custom Fields
    • Basket/Order Variant SKU
    • Timestamps
    • Product List Caching
    • Predicted Discount Caching
    • Scheduled Tasks - Schedule an Import
    • Improved Report UI
    • Marketplaces Now Support Importing Products into Miva from ebay & amazon
    • Sortable Country & State Lists

    *MailChimp is not part of this current build and will be added in a later beta release.

View Release Notes for 9.0007 Beta Here

Looking for Developer Docs?

We have a whole section for that, including: Developer Training Series, Template Language docs, Module Development tutorials and much, much more.

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